A month or so ago, I was asked to do a Boudoir Photoshoot for a friend of mine. I had never done one before, and I was so excited to have been asked to do this for her. I came to her house, and she had all of her pieces ready to go. She was very nervous, once the... read more

An Underwater Photoshoot I would like to approach

Underwater is a genre of photography I have recently decided to really focus on. I have always loved doing underwater photography, I feel like you can tell a story more so with a models body than out of water, because they are free flowing and can pretty much do any... read more

Inspirational Underwater Image I would like to re-create

I have been freelancing for the last four years now. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest. Why? its a website where you can make different categories on basically anything you enjoy. It could be to make something, styles you like, nail art etc. I have found that... read more